Cincinnati Butt Lift Doctor Recommendations

I want to have butt lift done, and I've been looking for an experienced doctor around Cincinnati area, but cannot find many. Can you recommend one here or should I travel? I thought it would be difficult to travel, since after the operation, you cannot sit for long periods. Any suggestions on this?

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Choosing a butt lift doctor

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Patients today have many effective ways to contour the Butt. Exercise may improve the shape and tone of the underlying muscle. However, if you continue to have stubborn areas of fat these can be used to your vantage. A Brazilian Butt lift can help contour your abdomen and torso by performing liposuction and then using the fat that is collected to enhance the appearance of your butt. If you have excess skin or sagging, you may be a great candidate for a butt lift.

Keep in mind that this is a significant procedure and for best results is recommended that you work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience and Butt contouring and procedures such as a traditional Butt lift, Brazilian Butt lift, and Butt implants. Such an expert will be able to assess your torso and Butt and help you choose the combination of procedures that will meet your aesthetic goals.

For our out of town patients, we offer the exclusive iConsult service. This allows us to connect your computer to our encrypted network so that during the iConsult you may watch your photos transform in front of your eyes. This is also excellent opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. Our out of town patients unable to fly in the day before the surgery and received their real in person consult to confirm their physical findings. Surgery is then performed the following day in patients can then recover in beautiful South Florida.

Finding a Butt Lift doctor

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Members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have devoted their practices to cosmetic surgical procedures and submitted themselves to rigorous scrutiny of their education and practice ethics.

If no one in your area seems a good fit, it is reasonable to travel for surgery with certain precautions. We see a lot of patients from out of state here in Utah because our costs are usually considerably lower. It can be done safely.

Good luck.

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