Can this boney hump actually be swelling? (Photo)

I sent question earlier without proper before picture. (Posted all afters instead) Worse at 1 and 2 weeks. Dr said he shaved it down. And it is sore. But is it possible that swelling is hard and boney? I know its still early. Dr said its just swelling and normal. He said to massage it. Just seems like it wouldn't be that hard and noticeable if he shaved it down at all.

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Swelling or residual bony hump on nose after #rhinoplasty

Swelling is compressible. Residual bone/cartilage is not. If you can press the skin down and the bump disappears then it is likely swelling and will get better with time. If not, then it is likely bone/cartilage and will not improve with time. Based upon your photos, it looks like there was inadequate resection of the hump. This can easily be revised and is a much easier problem to fix than a hump that has been over-resected. 

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Based upon the photo, it is unlikely that it is just swelling. You are going to have to wait it out at this point  and may need to consider a revision later on.

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Is this swelling?

Based on the photos submitted, it is unlikely to be swelling and it could be persisting bony hump but in order to be sure, an actual live examination would be necessary.  If it is in fact swelling, it should be resolved within 2 months but if it is bony in nature, it can be easily treated with a minor revision.

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Swelling , some advices:

Thank you very much for enquire.
Swelling after a rhinoplasty depends of the surgery complexity.
In this regard, the nasal swelling Post-op It can last from two weeks to two months.
To reduce this swelling, I recommend you perform delicates daily lymphatic drainage massage therapy over the face (around the nose) avoid sun exposure, and take pain/inflamation pills, as your surgeron precribe you.
Kind regards,
Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

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