Would dental bonding be a good solution for tooth sensitivity, and closing gaps?

I have very sensitive front teeth. I've used sensodyne for years with zero help. I've also had invisalign and there are still a couple gaps in my teeth because my teeth are small. Would bonding (not full veneers) be a good solution to both problems? I was thinking having a protective barrier over my teeth would help with sensitivity.

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Options to close spaces...#DrSoftTouch

Unfortunately, without photos it's pretty hard to determine if dental bonding or a longer lasting cosmetic solution, like porcelain veneers, would benefit you. Please re post your question with photos. I'm here to help! Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

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Bonding For Spaces

Please provide photos so that we can help answer your question.  Impossible otherwise.  Best of luck.  

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