If I'm getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, can I get a Tummy tuck also. Should I ?

I would like to get everything in one surgery . Is this ok or not ?

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BBL and Tummy Tuck

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I prefer to stage the two procedures because I like to harvest fat from the abdomen, and I am concerned about the viability of the elevated abdominal flap at the same time. 

New York Plastic Surgeon
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BBL and Tummy Tuck

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Yes, you can get a Tummy Tuck and BBL together. You can even harvest the fat from the lower part of the abdomen that will be removed with the Tummy Tuck. Fat from other areas can be used as well.

If I'm getting a BBL can I have a tummy tuck?

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Unfortunately when you combine these two specific surgeries, there is a strict limit of fat aspiration for patient safety reasons and may not be enough aspirate to give you the desired fullness a BBL alone could. I recommend staging the procedures and having the BBL first and tummy tuck once you're healed. See a board certified plastic surgeon in person for the best options.

Thank you for your question and good luck!

Melinda Lacerna, MD FACS

BBL + tummy tuck

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This is a really common combination and can be safely done together if you qualify for it.

Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and discuss what will be the proper treatment to achieve the result you desires.


Dr. Luis Redondo

Luis Eduardo Redondo, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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BBL and TT at the same time?

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Excellent question. Yes, in a strait forward situation, the two procedures can be done at the same time, which is beneficial for one procedure, one recovery. An in person exam is needed to confirm you are a candidate so schedule a few consultations so you can discuss your desires and goals. Thank you for the inquiry and good luck!

Joel Patrick Maier, MD
Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon
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Multiple Procedures

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Hi, thanks for your questions, this is a regular combination of procedures, although the recovery gets more complicated, patients get benefits of one single time anesthesia and one period of recovery instead of two. You need to be aware that for the recovery process you will only be resting on your sides or if you have a donut pillow you might use it under your buttocks so you don't put any pressure on them. Please make sure that you and your PS are on the same page. Discuss all your concerns, options, and expectations thoroughly. Good luck in your PS Journey!
Dr. Jaime Campos-Leon

Jaime Campos Leon, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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If I'm getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, can I get a Tummy tuck also. Should I ?

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Both procedures can be done at the same time, but it also means a more complicated recovery since you have surgery on both your front and back sides. Seek a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of these procedures, has great reviews and photos, and is an expert in this field.

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills General Surgeon
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BBL and a tummy tuck

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The big question is if you need a the tummy tuck? That is one of the biggest recoveries we have in plastic surgery. I strongly recommend that you visit a PS to discuss whether you are a good candidate.
Doing both procedures at the same time can be done safely in healthy patients.  
Definitely consult with your PS in-person to evaluate if you are a candidate for both procedures.  
Hope that helps!

Rolando Morales Jr, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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