Vaginoplasty - is there any way I can become loose from intercourse?

After having a vaginoplasty I'm tight, but is it anyway I can become loose from intercourse with my mate

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Vaginoplasty - is there any way I can become loose from intercourse?

Thank you for your excellent question.  As with all of the body's tissues gravity, time, and friction can all lead to laxity.  How quickly and to what extent remains a mystery based on your genetic makeup.  Outside of pregnancy and a vaginal delivery your vaginoplasty should remain improved for several years to come.  Hope this helps.

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Loose again?

Dr jrbmason

There is no guarantee you will stay tight forever but you can't just stop living your life out of fear.  You got the surgery for a reason and enjoy the results of the surgery.   I agree with most others on the board below..... pending no childbirth you should be fine but in reality nothing last forever and there are not any studies that can direct you as to the length of surgical success.

Sit back and enjoy life and the surgery.

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Can things "loosen up..." after vaginoplasty?

If you had a properly-performed VP, with muscle and fascial approximation, and you are "religious" about performing your vaginal tightening exercises in the proper way at least daily, and you do not have a "horse" of a partner & don't put really big stuff in the vagina, you should stay tighter for a good while (maybe 10 years or a lot more...) However, we all age ( darn!), and tissue strength declines. Good protein/complex carb diet and regular vigorous exercise routine will keep all parts of your body strong... Check out the link below, and other areas on this educational site.

Best wishes,

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Can you become loose after vaginoplasty?

If you have another child vaginally, you are guaranteed to become loose again. If not, it's highly unlikely. It is certainly possible to stretch the vaginal caliber with dilators used on a regular basis, but this will not create laxity at the muscular level which is what is treated by surgery.

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Looseness from Intercourse After Vaginoplasty?

While certainly this could happen, it would require a large degree of repeated stretching over time.  Usually childbirth is the catalyst to stretching out the vaginal canal, and a baby's head is generally much larger than a penis or anything else that may be entering the vaginal canal.  I think you will be fine.

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Will I become loose after vaginoplasty?

Vaginal laxity is related to relative size between the vagina and penis. A vaginoplasty should correct this laxity to improve the sexual experience for both woman and man.  In the same way that a virgin will be tighter at the initiation of sexual activity so also will be a woman after vaginoplasty.  There will be some loosening of the vagina after sex so sex is not painful moving forward.  This is to be expected.  But its typically having vaginal births that result in significant damage.  In the absence of having another baby or changing sexual partners you should do fine.

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