I Want Minimal Scarring... Interested in the Crescent or Donut Lift if Possible? (photo)

Decided to have BA with lift along with the tt this Sept. I understand that these surgeries leave scars. I am currently a B cup in hopes of becoming a D cup. I breastfeed 3 kids and lost all volume. I want fullness back, not to concern with them looking like I'm a perky teen just natural and proportion for my body. I am a 35 african american woman and weight 168lbs. 5'5'' in height. With tt I have no choice in that scar and was hoping to have more input on my breast, crescent or donut possible?

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I Want Minimal Scarring... Interested in the Crescent or Donut Lift if Possible?

Dear Verychi,

Thank you for your question and photos.  Your breast crease is very high, and it would be beneficial to lower this crease.  With this, a breast augmentation and peri-areolar lift, you should have a very nice result in the right hands.

Best wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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TT and breast surgery

You are a good candidate for a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy. The crescent and donut lifts don't work very well however. The areola ends up getting stretched out and you don't end up with as much lift as you think. A better option is the vertical lift and implants using a lollipop scar. Those scars really heal quite nicely and you will get a much better shape that way. Most plastic surgeons, once they get experienced with the lollipop technique realize it is far better than the crescent or donut lifts. Good luck!

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift question

I agree  with the other posts that based on your photos you need more then a donut or cresent lift. The key is to find a doctor well trained and let them guide you on what is best for what you want. It is very likely you will have a lollipop style lift with possible a short breast fold incision. Good Luck!

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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Desire for minimal scarring if possible.

All patients and their plastic surgeons want to minimize scarring but this must be balanced with the result obtainable by shortening the scar.  Your photos show a grade 3 ptosis and marked asymmetry of the size of the breast skin envelope and you won't achieve a balanced approach by a crescent or donut lift.  Your best option is, at the least a lollipop lift but most likely your best result would come from a full breast lift to position the nipple correctly, and equalize the skin envelope on each side so the breast augmentation looks equal and symmetrical.  The scars are very well hidden and acceptable and the end result likely the best.

Jeffrey M. Darrow, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift with Augmentation

Dear Chi,

If you accept the lollilop, or vertical scar, along with a sizable implant you will have a much better result than if you do a donut mastopexy.  Consultation with an American Board of Plastic Surgery certified plastic surgeon will bring all of your options to light.  Good luck!

Kenneth R. Francis, MD, FACS
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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I Want Minimal Scarring... Interested in the Crescent or Donut Lift if Possible?

Sorry you are in my opinion a very poor candidate for crescent or donut lifting. Best to fully understand the operation and possible results. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Amount of scar determined by how much skin needs to be removed

Thank you for your question and for providing the photographs.  It is important to understand that surgeons select the incision/scars based on achieving the best result for the patient.  Both plastic surgeons and patients do not want more scars than absolutely necessary.  In my opinion you will need a lollipop pattern scar.  A crescent will not work.  I also do not think peri-areolar alone will work.  If a lot of skin needs to be excised or if the nipple needs to be significantly elevated, peri-areolar will not produce an acceptable scar.  Although a lollipop pattern scar gives you "2" scars, they should both be of a nice quality.  If you have only peri-areolar scar when you really need both, in my experience, the quality of that scar will be poor.   Your plastic surgeon should be able to examine you and determine which scar pattern will give you the best result.  She/he can also explain why certain patterns work better than others for your particular situation.  There are things you can do pre-op to help your skin heal well such as pretreating with hydroquinone.  In my office I use Quill sutures which I find produce a nice scar.  Also, postop you can use hydroquinone to help minimize the likelihood of hyperpigmentation.  Overly large implants are going to increase tissue stretch and work against the lift.  In my office I would not recommend a D cup for most patients having a lift.

Hope this helps.

Tracy Pfeifer, MD, MS

Tracy Pfeifer, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Best result with a vertical mastopexy and breast augmentation

You would be a good candidate for a vertical mastopexy with a breast implant for volume.  There are several different types of breast lifts including a peri-areolar crescent lift, a doughnut or Benelli lift, a Vertical Mastopexy and a Key hole or anchor type mastopexy.  All have specific parameters.  Based on your appearance and the degree of breast tissue below the inframammary crease you would get the best result with a vertical mastopexy with a breast augmentation. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Lollipop May be the Answer

Thank you for your photographs.  I do not have your measurements but a lollipop lift would be a reasonable start.  I believe that you have too much droop for a doughnut lift.

Dr. ES

Options Depend on Breast Implant Size

The size of the implant you are willing to use will determine the type of breast lift you require.  You will probably be most satisfied with a moderately sized high profile implant and a vertical (lollipop) breast lift.  The only way to avoid this vertical scar is to combine an even "larger" high profile implant that gives you more of a "lift" by itself with a circum-areolar breast lift.  To determine the best choice you must have exact measurements taken as well as a sizing protocol to determine how big you really want to be...good luck! 

Eric Sadeh, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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