Crows leach poison?

I got three new crowns on bottom left molars 1.5 months ago. There is horrible bitter taste coming from the crowns and it makes me salivate a lot and I'm not feeling well. All three teeth and gums around them are hurting and are sensitive to hot/cold. Are my crowns poisoning me by leaching some material? Also my floss catches all six ages of the three crowns.

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Crowns do not leach poison #DrSoftTouch

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It's be safe to say that your crowns are not poisoning you. Based on what you've described, I would recommend returning to your dentist to have your gums and crowns evaluated. Ill fitting crowns and improper oral hygiene can cause a build up of bacteria. This bacteria causes odor, a bad taste and tenderness of the gums. It's important that you return to your dentist soon to take care of this issue.  I hope this helps. Follow me for more questions and answers.

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