What needs to be done to bring my canine tooth down? What type of braces are recommended? (photos)

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Best Way to Bring a Canine Tooth Into Place

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Conventional braces is the best way to bring your canine tooth into proper alignment. However, this can't be done until you have a space to put it. The best way to create space is to develop your dental arch. You have very narrow dental arches as evidenced by there being no room for your canine tooth as well as only having your front six teeth visible when you smile and the black triangles in the corners of your mouth when you smile. These are all clear signs that your dental arches are underdeveloped. 

Some doctors will suggest removing a tooth to make room for your canine to drop into place. This is an option available to you but not a good option as you will still be left with underdeveloped dental arches that leave you with all the above mentioned compromises plus a potential sleep breathing problem in the future due to a compromised airway.

Good luck!

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