BA 9 months post op subglandular, under breast incision, 450ccs, is there a deformity? (photos)

Hi I never had symmetrical breats. 9Months postop. I would like to know if theres anything I can do about my right breast I noticed nipple is bigger & pointing down also this boob seems to be slightly bigger(especially during my period)than the other and heavier ,no pain tho. This difference is not very noticeable for my hisband nor plastic surgeon .I am very concerned that this difference will keep increasing in a short period, if so what can be done??? Thank you!!!

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Can't worry about things you cannot control

and if your breasts are destined to change (and they will to some degree over time), it will happen.  To minimize this process, supportive bras should be employed when up and about.  As for your asymmetry, yes you have some and when staring at your areola, one is larger.  To fix this, it will involve costs, scarring, risks, and scarring so you must make sure its worth it to you.  Mentioned scarring twice because the chances for it to stretch out are humongous.  Is there a reason you did not have a mastopexy from the get go as your nipples appear low, despite having a subglandular augmentation.

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Asymmetrical breasts

Dear vivioleta,

it is really hard to get breast symmetry, especially if they weren't symmetrical before the surgery. Based on your photo, there isn't any significant asymmetry so you shouldn't be worried.

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