Chronic Pain Years After Botched Abdominoplasty

My fiance's mother had a botched abdominoplasty nearly 5 years ago. She has a great deal of scar tissue, she feels like the muscles are twisted too tight inside, and her outer scar and navel are still purple. She has chronic pain and has to wear loose fitting clothes that touch her skin as little as possible. She has been unable to recover through non-surgical means. Would surgery help? Who can she turn to? Might insurance pay for it? Her surgeon would not help.

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Chronic pain and unacceptable scars after tummy tuck

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While being sympathetic to your future mother-in-law's situation, you are using a very harsh description of her result. There may be multiple reasons for her problems which may or may not be related to the surgical technique. IF you are looking for insurance coverage, consider evaluation by a general surgeon with possible radiologic studies and imaging. In my experience increasing pain from a muscle repair is commonly associated with weight gain and poor healing/scarring  is commonly associated with smoking.

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