Chronic - pain inside nose from talking over time, resulting in fatigue and inflamed eyelids. Sometimes pain in throat.

Hello! I had sinus infection surgery when i was 8. At that time the doctor said I had nasal polyps. Then when I was 24, I went abroad. Since then I've had a chronic problem with my sinuses. I've tried allergy medicine and medicine for treating Rhinitis which didn't work. Had CATscan which showed clear sinuses with small (swelled?) nasal passages. I feel swelling inside my sinuses that starts when i talk. My eyes become red, I start yawning, and I feel tired. Any help would be appreciated!

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ENT Doctor Visit Mandatory

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I have no idea what your problem is but you need to go to an Ear,  Nose and Throat specialist and have them evaluate you.  In fact go to 3 ENT doctors and see what they say.  This is the only logical course and exactly what I would do for myself or my family if similar problems.  My Best,  Dr C

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