Chronic discoloration and deep eye lines. Cause? (Photo)

I have a deep line under my right eye that's not as severe in my left- as in, no matter the angle, it'll be visible in my right but might disappear in my left. I also have discoloration under both eyes. I'm 21 and have had the discoloration issue for years and the deep lines for a long while as well. No matter how much sleep I get, the condition remains the same. I also have itching around the lashline, but I doubt that's related since its so recent.

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There are basically two deep lines here.

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The first one is just under the eyelashes and this is your lower eyelid crease.  It is normal.  The next line is the tear trough.  This can be filled with hyaluronic acid fillers and this can also improve the appearance of the under eye dark circle.  For someone your age, treatment can last more than a year.  Do your homework to find a very skilled and experienced injector in your area for this service.  I prefer Restylane for this treatment.

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