Chronic Allergy Causes Swelling?

So due to the allergies, my nose is always swelled looks larger than normal, with a slight blue bruise on top of the nose right under the forehead. A doctor once did x rays , and found my sinus clear. she gave me an anti biotic, the allergy symptoms subsided, and my nose looked way smaller and skin color went back to normal. she said that I have some areas enlarged in my nose that could block breathing at night, and that a procedure could be done to make them smaller. recommendations please.

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Treatment of Nasal Swelling

Your doctor may be referring to enlarged turbinates which are areas along the inside of the nose. Both infection as well as environmental allergies can cause the inferior turbibates to become chronically swollen. If medication such as topical nasal steroids and antihistamines do not work, surgical removal of the turbinates is the next step. This procedure is called turbinectomy and can be done as an outpatient procedure with little downtime.

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