I Need to Get Rhinoplasty as Well as Skin Resurfacing on my Nose (photo)

My nose has never been done, And I am saving up my money to get it done. But my question is I will need some work done on my nose. - 1. To thin the nose tip - Its to Fat! 2. Straiten my Broken nose, I have had for 15 years. 3. Lift the nose up instead of my drop tip nose 4. My nose has this ugly skin - looks like the skin on your face when you shave - with little pores? Can that be removed? or Replaced? 5. Nostrils to big. That's about it. Can you do all this? Thanks sj

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Rhinoplasty and Skin Resurfacing

I would treat your skin before doing a rhinoplasty to change nasal structures and straighten your broken nose. This can be done while you're saving money for the surgery. I recently did a rhinopasty on a lady with skin like yours who was treated by our esthetician with selected skin care products, applied daily by the patient, and a couple procedures in the office. On some occasions more aggressive physician administered peels are necessary. This patient's skin improved dramatically before surgery and her post-op course was expedited. The rhinoplasty surgery will improve nasal size and shape but does nothing to change the overlying envelope of skin.

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