Choosing a Well Qualified Otoplasty Surgeon for Revision?

I want a revision otoplasty as my original several years ago was undercorrected / relapsed. How do I choose a qualified surgeon? I met with a national expert on facial plastic surgery who has been around for decades and written many books and articles. He assured me he has done many of these operations over the years and had about a 1/2 dozen B&As to share. I liked his work but wonder if it's critical to choose a doctor who specializes only in ears to perform my case as it is a revision. Thanks!

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Choosing a Well Qualified Otoplasty Surgeon for Revision

No, it would not be necessary to go with a specialist in ear surgery. When choosing surgeons, you should ultimately trust your intuition that the surgeon you select has the experience, expertise, and understand of your objectives to provide you with a result that will make you happy.

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Otoplasty revision and how to choose the best doctor

I would your intuition. There are many doctors out there that can do otoplasty. You want one with good results and someone that will listen to you and do what you want to do during the procedure. This is perhaps the most important thing to do. Revision is very difficult at times especially for the overcorrected state. You are in the undercorrected state and I think your situation will be easier. It will entail the same approaches that were originally done but you just have to do more of it to get the right correction. You can even ask the doctor to show you during the procedure if you are not going to be totally put out. This can be an option.

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Finding a top otoplasty surgeon

The short answer is "no," you don't need to find someone super-specialized in ear surgery for this. My bias is to go with someone who primarily works on faces vs. body, but by your description you've already found someone who seems eminently qualified.

Good luck with your revision,


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Otoplasty king

Not sure where you are located Fas12, but some of the very best that I know personally are in California.  Burt Brent, MD does nothing but ears and has for decades.  I know Dr. Mabrie in San Fran does a lot.  What you want to see is the evidence.  Who's got the photos and specifically, who has examples of revision work.  I enjoy otoplasty very much and it's a significant part of my practice.  You may find it hard to locate a surgeon who super specializes in otoplasty.

Best of luck

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Otoplasty Revision Surgeon Selection?

Thank you for the question.

No, it is not “critical to choose a doctor who specializes only in ears” (you probably won't be able to find an “only ear specialist”) to perform your revisionary otoplasty surgery. It is important however to find a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who can demonstrate significant experience with otoplasty surgery.

I hope this helps.

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