Choosing Qualified DOT Therapy and Cosmetic Injection Providers

How do I know which doctor/provider to choose for DOT Therapy and cosmetic injections? One is a nurse practioner who has certification; One is a board certified family physician with a specialty in geriatrics, who also does enhancements such as DOT therapy and injections. They have both been helpful and informative during the consultation, but I don't know how to choose. Neither is a plastic surgeon.

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Choosing provider for DOT laser

It is important to confirm with your provider their personal experience and training qualifications with laser treaments. This is particularly important for Ablative lasers (ones that ablate, or remove tissue, such as the C02 lasers) because they are very powerful (hence more effective at lifting and tightening but also more likely to cause problems, like scarring or dyscoloration).

Certain States may have regulation on which health care providers may operate Ablative lasers, such as the DOT laser. Many of us have completed Fellowships in Cosmetic & Laser Surgery (an extra year of specialized training) which typically means performing hundreds of laser procedures (this is a nice way to know if your provider truly knows the ins and outs of lasers!).

Consider seeking a Fellowship trained Board Certified physician. Ask them of their individual experience! Also, ask for before and after photos and ask about their complications and typical patient complaints. Look for a provider with honest realistic responses.

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