Choosing a PS for Breast Reduction--is Experience Most Important?

I'm hoping to get a breast reduction in Feb, but I'm having second thoughts about my PS. I'm interested in two: One is a very warm young woman whose pics I like a lot. The other a less personable man with four times the experience. Breast feeding is the most impt. thing for me. Should I go with the Dr with more experience (5 vs. 20yrs.)to maximize my chances, or does experience not matter as much as person/pics. The more experienced guy has fine results too,just don't love the look/scar as much.

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Breast Reduction and Experience?

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Thank you for the question.

There are many factors that should be considered when choosing your plastic surgeon;  It may not be fair to simplify this process too much.

If all other factors are equal and or decision comes down to experience level,  then you should  probably go with the plastic surgeon who has significant more experience. Again, this is assuming  that both can demonstrate appropriate training and ability to demonstrate lots of examples of good quality work.

Having said that, there are many plastic surgeons with 20 years of experience who do “sloppy” work.

I'm sorry if my answer is more confusing than helpful but there is no substitute for your own due diligence and gut feelings.

Best wishes.

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