How do I choose a provider for laser hair removal?

How do I know own if am going to someone who really knows what they are doing? I'm scared I will get burned. Is there board certification? Do I go to a spa? Medi-spa? Laser place? Plastic surgeon? Registered nurse? What do I look for?
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Where to look for a laser hair removal provider

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I recommend seeing a board certified physician with experience in laser treatments. Check reviews, check websites like RealSelf or ask you primary care physician if they have any recommendations.

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Laser hair removal in Mass.

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I know that this state is very liberal as to who can operate a LHR machine. Literally anyone can do it. It leads to many lawsuits. It's best to get the procedure done by a physician or a facility that has a physician closely supervising a PA or Nurse. 

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How to choose the best laser hair removal provider

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There are several important aspects of choosing your provider.

1) Experience of the provider. It is important to know how many treatments they have performed, as well as the different types of skin they have experience with.  In addition, ask about complications that they have had.  Anyone who has done a significant amount of treatments will have had some minor complications. Someone who tells you that they have never had any complications with any services is either lying or has not performed enough treatments

2)It is important to ascertain the type of equipment that is used.  There are lasers and then there are other light based devices such as IPL.  Lasers include the alexandrite, diode, and YAG.  The alexandrite works best on light colored skin while the diode and yag are safer for dark or tanned skin.  Make sure they have experience with your skin type as well as having appropriate lasers to treat it

3)Pain control-Laser hair removal can be uncomfortable. There are some ways to mitigate the discomfort such as topical anesthesia and cold air.  Certain areas also tend to be more sensitive than others.  Fortunately for most small and medium sized, areas, treatment is quick and often times finished within 5 minutes.  Most people describe the discomfort as the snap of a rubber band

As always, go to someone who has experience and makes you feel at ease.

All the best
Dr Soni

Hardik Soni, MD
Summit Emergency Medicine Physician
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