Following up w/ my previous question, what is the best way to add fullness to the lower portion without a shaped implant?(photo)

I have 325 (correction from previous question) silicone round implants done about 10-11 months ago (before photos attached). They are soft, and move, but l still would like to increase this as well if possible. I'm not worried about size but would like a little more fullness on the bottom.
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I do not use a lot of "shaped" implants. I find round implants give me nice results.  Best of luck with your implants.

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Lower pole increase in size

When you want to look larger anywhere on the breast, you must add volume. Either fat grafting or a bigger breast implant with a higher projection to base with ratio will accomplish that goal. In my opinion, an X  projection Allergan 410 implant would give preferential fullness to the lower pole. Ask your chosen plastic surgeon about these or other options. Good luck.

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Lower Pole Fullness After Augmentation

Good afternoon and thanks for your follow up clarification and pre-op photos.

If you are happy with the overall volume of your breasts but want additional lower pole fullness you could consider returning to your surgeon for a release of your fold after approximately a year post op. That should help but you will lose some of the apparent upper pole fullness when not in a bra. 

With that in mind you might also consider increasing overall implant volume (base width) modestly to allow for additional lower fullness without sacrificing the upper poles. 

I would counsel against fat grafting and/or an anatomical implant in your case. 

Keep in mind that any adjustments to the lower fold can increase the chances of your implants descending lower than you would like. 

Best of luck. 
Dr Nodwell

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