Chipmunk Cheeks Even After Weight Loss. What Can You Recommend to Remove Cheek Fat?

I am 5'1" and I weight 103. I now have chipmunk cheeks. I weighed this all through high s & college. I went through some bad times and gained 30 pounds. I have always been very active in the gym and athletic through school so I bounced right back....except for my cheeks. They are so huge that when I smile they make my eyes close. I have normally bright big eyes but upon smiling look like I have squinty straight eyes. So much that in face shots I still lol like I weigh the extra 30lbs.

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Chipmunk Cheeks Even After Weight Loss. What Can You Recommend to Remove Cheek Fat?

 Aesthetically the cheeks should have an ideal shape and because this is so important for the face to look naturally attractive IMHO, it should be the primary focus when seeking a more attractive face.  Having said that, there are numerous factors that make the cheeks more or less aesthetically attractive and excess fat is just one.  Photos, of the face from the front and 3/4's view allow evaluation of the cheeks for this and for lack of cheek volume.  

 Only then can the proper aesthetic plan be recommended.  I use micro-liposuction to remove excess fat and shape the cheeks with either cheek implants or a temporary filler like Perlane.  Fat IMHO is far less reliable than off the shelf filler and permanent fillers will shift as the fatty layer within which they are injected sags with age.  For those reasons, I do not use fat or permanent fillers for facial shaping.

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Chipmunk Cheeks?

There is a procedure called "Buccal Lipectomy" where the fat pads in the cheeks are removed. Clearly, without photos I can't advise on whether you're a good candidate or not for that procedure. However, at least can start researching this procedure.

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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Facial Contouring

It is impossible to advise without photos. Depending on where you have the volume you may be a candidate for facial sculpting. By what you are describing it sounds as if your volume is not in your lower face this would eliminate a buccal lipectomy. Schedule a consultation with a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and will be informed as to what your options are.

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Chubby Cheek Reduction

Pictures would be helpful to see the size of your cheeks and the exact location of your cheek fat. The question is whether even a buccal lipectomy would be helpful given your description of the size of your cheeks.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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