Could my Chin Implant be Causing Fatigue and Low Endurance if it Were Infected?

Six years ago I,ve had a chin implant. Sometimes it feels thight and tingling.The recent years I developed a bad health condition, consisting of fatigue and poor endurance. I,ve had my blood tested on several items but nothing was found. Also I have no fevers. Could it still be possible that the implant is causing a constant triggering of the immunesystem causing these complaints?

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Fatigue and Low Endurance Secondary to Chin Infection

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A chronic infection could cause fatigue and low endurance, but there is no physical sign or symptom that indicates you have a problem with your chin implant. For example, there is no pain, tenderness, or swelling of the chin. I'm sorry, but a thorough medical examination is the best way to make a diagnosis.

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