Silicone implant in Asians?

Dear All, I am scheduled to have a rhinoplasty in a week's time, and according to my doctor, i would be needing a silicone implant. Now, most of the literature from the "west" on the Internet suggests silicone implants are a disaster. While, the Asian sites i have visited overwhelmingly recommend silicone implants. All this have made me pretty confused and i am not sure whether silicone implants are the best option. So, is silicone indeed the recommended option, considering i am an Asian?

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Asian Rhinoplasty - Silicone implant vs your own tissue

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I feel very strongly that synthetic materials should be not be placed in your nose during Asian rhinoplasty. Personally, the best way to achieve permanent results in the safest manner is by undergoing Asian rhinoplasty with autologous grafts - tissue from your own body.  Grafts from your own tissue will have a much lower rate of complications than synthetic implants such as silicone, Gore-tex or Medpore.The best way to determine what specific changes will look good on your face, and what changes are surgically possible, is to do your research to find the top Asian rhinoplasty specialists and consult with several of them in person.  During your consultation, your photos can be computer-morphed to show how the changes to your nose will affect your appearance.  An Asian rhinoplasty specialist will have the experience to determine whether the morphed images are surgically attainable.  

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Silicone implants

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Thanks for your question. The use of silicone implants or any other foreign materials in rhinoplasty surgery is not advisable for a number of reasons. These implants have the possibility of getting infected or extruding through the skin for the entire time that they remain in the nose. They can also cause overlying skin changes that can be permanent. These complications are not seen with the use of autologous cartilage grafts (autologous meaning that they are taken from your body). My recommendation would be to schedule a second opinion with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss alternative options to silicone implants. Good luck and all the best.

Ian MacArthur, MD, FRCSC
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Silicone implants in Asian rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question.  As a surgeon who performs both rhinoplasty with synthetic as well as autologous implants, I do favor using autologous tissues (e.g. rib/ ear cartilage, temporalis fascia) over synthetic implants (silicone, gortex, medpor).  First of all, the safety profile for DCF (diced cartilage-fascia) rhinoplasty is more favorable because the rate of complication is much lower.  The rate of infection, implant malposition and extrusion is higher with synthetic implants and they can sometimes happen many years after the surgery.  Also, in my opinion, Asian rhinoplasty using autologous grafts yields superior aesthetic result and it appears much more natural.  In my practice, there were patients who were fully aware of the surgical risks and still chose to have synthetic implants placed because they prefer the aesthetic outcome and did not like the idea of having incisions on other donor sites and they loved their results.  I think it's important for you to communicate with your surgeon and take a look at his/her before and after photos using both techniques and decide for yourself what is best for you.  Good luck!
Goretti H. Taghva MD

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Asian Rhinoplasty

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Dear omethebest 31:       Thank you for your question. While I believe dorsal augmentation is best performed using your own body parts(rib, ear, temporals fascia, split-calvarial bone) some people cannot accept the donor site morbidity. In those situations with proper informed consent I think silicone is fine. There is an increased risk of extrusion and migration as well as an increased risk for infection. Gortex is also an alloplastic option as is Medpore. None of these should be used if there is a pre-existing septal perforation. Your best bet is to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgery with experience in Asian rhinoplasty. A good place to start is the Rhinoplasty Society. Good luck and I hope this helps!

Silicon implants

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Silicon implants in the nose if not sooner will later likely become infected and have to come out that is why rib cartilage or cartilage from your septum is best 

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