Did my double eyelid surgeon give me the wrong type of crease? (photos)

I asked for a tapered crease that is slightly more towards a parallel eyelid towards the end. However, it seems like my doctor gave me a parallel crease instead. It has been around 2 weeks since my surgery. Also there's a slight bump at the inner corners of my under eyelid after surgery.

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Despite everything that surgeons say, they really do not have the level of control that you think.

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Your after picture looks amazing and the result should get better with more healing.  If you expected to get a specific taper effect in the fold, it is a bit early to tell.  Generally surgeon promise a bit more than they can deliver in this regard.  I think you should be grateful for the result you do have.  Realistic this looks to be a fabulous result.

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2 weeks post op double eyelid surgery

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Thank tou for sharing your question and posting your photos. At only 2 weeks post op, final judgement cannot be passed; however, your eyelids look great at this time. Keep your follow up appointment to discuss concerns with your doctor.
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