Does the Chin Take on the Shape of the Implant?

I'm only 2 weeks post-op, but much of the initial swelling has subsided. I'm happy with the placement and projection, but my chin looks square from the front which it wasn't before. Does the chin take on the shape of the implant, or will it keep its natural shape? Thank you for your time.

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Chin shape after implant placement

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Since it has only been two weeks since your chin augmentation, it is impossible to really see the new results yet. It is still too swollen. The chin can look rather square depending upon what shape, style, and size of implant that was placed. Most implants are round and match the existing chin shape, however, there are multiple different square shapes such as those manufactured by Implantech, which is what we use in our practice.

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chin take on the shape of the implant

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Maybe but not exactly is the best answer I can give to you. Photos always help us expert posters answer the question.


A Chin implant is used to give Volume and Direction to the chin

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Except for a brief period many years ago when "button" implants were in vogue which produced a lot of sub par results most modern chin implants are used to fill a deficient chin giving it BOTH volume/height and direction. As such the implant does influence the shape of the overlying chin.

You may want to discuss this again with your surgeon. 

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