Chin Surgery. Is iIt Possible to Implant After A Reduction?

is it possible to place a chin implant if ive had a chin reduction in the past? i asked my surgeon to have a feminized chin but i think i miss it. however. is it possible to augment to chin to a completely different masculinity rather than go back to my long vertical chin?.

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Chin implant after chin reduction surgery

It is possible to have a chin augmentation if you previously had surgery to reduce the size of the chin.  Use of a computer imaging program during an in-person consult can help give you a good idea of what your chin may look like following placement of an implant. There are various sizes of implants available, and your surgeon will help determine which size best compliments your other facial features. Thanks, and best of luck.

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Chin Augmentation with Bone Chips Instead of Implant

It is possible to change your chin shape and size even if you have previously had chin surgery.  I prefer use of bone chips from a tissue bank rather than an implant.  The bone chips serve as a matrix for ingrowth of your own tissue.  They can be inserted and shaped any way the surgeon thinks is appropriate.  It is also possible to remove a few of the chips early after surgery to adjust the result if you find your surgeon has left you with an overly large chin.  Implants can rotate, can thin the bone of the chin and are a fixed size.  They are far less flexible and have more complications.

Mary Lee Peters, MD
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Chin Implant after Chin Reduction

It is definitely possible to have a chin implant placed after a chin reduction procedure.  A chin reduction procedure removes  and recontours the prominent bone that creates the shape of the chin.  If a patient is dissatisfied with the result, or feels that he/she would benefit from additional chin projection, chin implants of various profiles and compositions may be placed on top of the previously recontoured bone.  You have a lot of options in terms of chin projection, width, and shape, and should be able to select an implant that suits you well.

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Chin implant

It is possible to place an implant after previous surgery to the chin. It is impossible to determine weather it would be appropriate without photos and a physical examination

Jay M. Pensler, MD
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