Should I Have Chin Surgery or Something?

I'm currently fourteen years old and I saw this picture of myself a few months ago, which made me realize I have a very very big chin. I've been stressing over this, and I was wondering what I can do to make it smaller like the one I photoshopped. It feels really fatty, by the feel of it almost half an inch of fat. No joke. So any advice for what I should do?

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Chin surgery or chin liposuction or neither!

First and foremost you are really to young to be having any cosmetic procedures. Your chin while a bit pronounced is not unattractive and you should not be stressing over it. You also stated that it feels fatty in nature so if the time comes and you do see a specialist there is a possibility of removing some of the fat with liposuction. Again this would be determined after consulting and examining you to see if and where the problems exists. If you are not having any mandibular problems or teeth problems that require jaw surgery then I would avoid anything. At your age you will have many things to stress about and check this one off your list. You look like a beautiful young lady and enjoy the things life has to offer and don't sweat the small stuff!! Best regards!

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