Can I Have A Chin Implant Without Making My Chin Longer?

hi im a male with an ethnic background and last yr i had a chin reduction as i didnt like my long chin. i also wanted him to make my chin "less masculine" and make it pointer. he also shaved the chin back so it was nice from side on. i would like to know that in future if im wanting to make my chin more chiselled only without making it "longer" is that possible with an implant?. is it all about the size and shape? i like the chin length and projection but would like it more chiselled. thanks.

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Creating a chisled chin

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Proper evaluation is critical. A chin has to be accessed for horizontal deficiency, vertical deficiency and balance with the middle and upper third of your face. An implant is possible but again given that you have already had surgery a physical exam would be an absolute necessity.

Chin augmentation

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A chin implant is designed to give you more projection especially with the profile view while not actually lengthening the chin. The amount of projection to be aesthetically pleasing is decided prior to the procedure and is accomplished by using different size chin implants. I have a digital imaging computer I use during the consulting phase and I can show the patient the proposed surgical result prior to surgery. This works especially well showing the desired projection. If you are not looking for any projection then a chin implant is probably not a recommended procedure. Photos would be helpful for a further expert opinion. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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