Chin Surgery is the Answer? (photo)

I talked to cosmetic surgeon. says facial width is due to my jaw bone and muscles, can't be contoured w/o major surgery. He suggests chin implant & neck lipo for best result. But I feel bringing chin forward w/o taking it down even a fraction not give result. I don't want my face to appear any bigger/squarer. I fear that bringing chin forward might do that. I need face to have thinner contour where cheeks don't look puffed. Do you agree what he says give close to desired results?

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Chin Augmentation

A chin implant will increase chin projection and narrow your anterior jawline. Without a picture of your profile it is impossible to know if this approach will improve the contour of your jaw.

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The Jaw May Be Narrow With Botox

To give you a specific answer regarding your face, I will need better pictures.  I can give you insights on your options.  Your jaw appears wide.  This may be due to bone, fat, or muscle.  If it is secondary to muscle, then botox may be injected into the muscle to narrow the jaw  If it is due to fat, liposuction may be an option.  If it is secondary to bone, then it would require a surgery to shape the bone.  That is a surgery that I do not perform or suggest to my patients.


It is hard to tell, but your chin does appear recessed.  This can be augmented with a chin implant or fillers to improve your facial proportions.


I hope this helps.  

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