Chin Surgery Recovery

I am looking at chin surgery (getting a more pronounced look). Concern is that recovering from chin surgery is really slow, painful...based on things I read so far on line. Can a doctor expert in chin surgery describe what their patient typically sees a patient go thru?

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What to expect after genioplasty

After getting a genioplasty you should expect to be tired the first evening afterward due to the anesthesia.  I make my incision intraorally (inside the mouth) so the only thing you should see on the outside is tape (which helps the swelling and removed 5-7 days after surgery) and some swelling.  The operation only takes a couple of hours with you asleep as an outpatient.   I ask that my patients eat soft food for 4 weeks to help make sure the intraoral incision heals well.  If you were to be taking off work for the surgery, one week should be more than enough time.  The swelling will persist for some time, but will most likely only be noticeable by you.

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