Best Approach for Mentalis Resuspension?

When performing a mentalis resuspension chin surgery, which is the best approach? Intraorally? Extraorally? Can you please tell me why? Thank you.

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Resuspend the mentalis intra-orally but there are other options

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This is a delicate procedure that you should definitely seek the skiils of an experienced surgeon. The following is only my opinion and it may differ from other providers.

Probably the most common cause of this is the intra-oral approach to the chin in which the muscle is transected as it originates off the symphysis to insert on the skin. The detached muscle bunches upon itself causing the so-called prune chin deformity.

It can be difficult to correct and securely attach the muscle back to the bone. This is especially difficult to do if alot of time has passed.

To answer your question, it is more likely that the intraoral approach would achieve the best exposure to complete the repair.

The alternative option is to use Botox to relax the muscle and minimize the contractions that cause the "prune chin"

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