Chin Scar Excision Best Remedy After Silicone & Kenalog Complications?

35yo NY/LI male bumpy chin scar exacerbated by previous doc's silicone overfill/migration, kenalog megadose & botched excision thereof following complications initially treating firework burn defects 5yrs ago. Siliconoma's pushing lower lip up severely, over upper teeth. Need experienced doc who can aggressively excise a full thickness wedge about 1/2" high & nearly width of mouth, closing in way that slims, tightens chin area & pulls lower lip down a bit, asap. Thanks for input or consultation!

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Reducing inflammation and treating silicone lip scars

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Sounds like there is an inflammatory or scar tissue component to your lip and chin scar.  I would focus on the inflammation first before scar revision.

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