Under Chin Sagging?

My mother is overweight due to medication for her MS, she'd developed a double chin, and I'd always assumed it was because of the weight. However, my twin sister started developing one just after high school, and is only five founds heavier than I am, and we're both very thin. I'm starting to develop it and hate it. Also have huge pores we all hate. I'm afraid to eat in case it gets worse. Are there any facials or procedures to help? Perhaps creams or similar? I'm turning 26 in December.

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Under chin sagging

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Fatty fullness in the neck at age 26 is usually inherited or due to weight gain.  Fat removal is best performed through either liposuction or a neck lift, depending upon the amount of fat and the extent of distribution of fat in the neck. Subplatysmal fat cannot be removed with traditional liposuction and must be removed only with a neck lift, however,  Submental fat can be removed with simple liposuction. At the time of the consultation with your facial plastic surgeon, the determinationwill be made for the proper procedure.

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Double chin, Weight Loss Cellulaze Laser, Liposculpture, Lipodissolve

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Eat healthy, exercise and keep your weight down.

If this does not stave off the familial double chin injections of fat dissolving agents Like Lipodissolve or Lipoless although not FDA approved may help.

Liposuction, Smart Lipo or the Cellulaze Laser are your best options now.

In the future non invasive radiofrequency or ultrasound devices may become more efficient to handle this issue. Cheers

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