Augmentation or Reduction to Reshape Chin?

I realize that the right side of my face is less developed. But whenever I look at my chin, I notice that it is more developed on the left side and less devloped on the right side. Also, I see that my chin looks pointy and is crooked (goes to the right when I smile), and there always is a gap on the right side of my face where my chin and jaw meet. Can this be corrected by side chin augmentation or chin reduction? Or is this a more complicated problem due to my jaw? I would appreciate any input on this.

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Seek evaluation of your occlusion by an oral surgeon

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Yes surgery can be done but it is not without risk. Your first step should be to seek evaluation by an oral surgeon to evaluate your maxilla and mandible to assess your occlusion. This would help to determine if your jaw needs reallignment.

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