Chin Reduction Candidate? (photo)

I have an Asian facial structure. I need advice about my chin. I feel like it dominates my face since its pretty "defined" and "elongated" and I'm a female so im conscious about it. I think its worse since my face is flat from the side. Is a chin reduction (bone barrowing) a good recommendation? -thank you for your advice and time in advance. ***Whenever I touch my chin, its mostly bone rather than tissue/fat/etc.

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Better Facial Balance

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January 16, 2014

Hi RMRE 21,

I am answering your question from 1 year ago about your chin because I have just decided to join RealSelf and help folks like you. In studying your photographs, a better balance (that would give you more facial beauty) would be achieved with a stronger, more exotic cheekbone.  A simple silicone cheek implant inserted through a tiny incision inside the mouth would correct the appearance of flatness from the side and make the appearance of your chin smaller.  While I cannot make a good evaluation from the quality of the photographs posted here, another possible option involves removing some bone from the chin.  In my opinion, the second option is a more serious operation and more risky in terms of achieving your ideal scene than with implants (which are removable and reversible if and when desired).


Edward O. Terino, M.D.

Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon

Chin reduction

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Based on your photos, a chin reduction may indeed be your best option.  Because there are different ways to do this procedure, a set of special x-rays is first required to further evaluate your chin bone before a specific surgical technique is chosen.  The chin may be reduced in the horizontal and/or vertical plane depending upon what dimension is in excess.  Glad to help...RAS 

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