Chin reduction surgery- What can be done? (Photo)

I have a very pronounced chin like a witches chin. It is extremely prominent and the first thing people notice about my face. I was wondering how much could a doctor possibly take off of my chin since I am not looking for subtlety. i would also like to know the different procedures for a chin reduction and the risks possibly involved. Thanks!

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Chin reduction

Sliding genioplasty can be performed to push back the chin to its proper and ideal position. Shaving the chin is performed by some surgeons as well. I personally think you get better results with S.G.   
With shaving you would have to strip the muscle off of the bone, which is not ideal. 
usual risks are swelling, bruising and temporary numbness. infection,  necrosis of bone and etc. are rare. 

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Dear Cats1993

There are several techniques published for reducing the projection of the chin.  One is by shaving down the outermost portion of the chin. This is called an osteoplasty. The other option is to perform a cut into the bone separating the chin from the remaining portion of the lower jaw. This is call an osteotomy. In my experience it is better to perform an osteotomy over osteoplasty. When performing a "shave" procedure all of the soft tissue is separated from the chin and when the bone is reduced it makes for possibility of redundant soft tissue or poorly readapted tissue to the bone. When an osteotomy is performed
the tissue adheres more firmly to the bone and makes for better facial and chin aesthetics. With a #chin#osteotomy there is use of titanium plates that holds the bone into the new position to allow for healing. This procedure is safe and well documented. The amount of bone reduction is in millimeters.   A reduction of 3-5mm on the face is significant amount. With new technology surgical guides can be customized to perform this procedure and reduce surgical time.  Prior to have this procedure performed a full dentofacial examination/consultation should be performed by your orthodontist/oral maxillofacial surgeon to confirm this is truly the correct procedure for you. I hope this information helps you. 

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Submental Approach to Chin Reduction

Your chin is horizontally too prominent. With many horizontally protrusive chins, like yours, there is also a slight vertical elongation as well. While an intraoral reverse sliding genioplasty can be done, it has aesthetic tradeoffs of increasing the vertical length of the chin and can create an unnatural fullness in the submental area under the chin. The best chin reshaping method in your case is a submental approach where all excessive bony dimensions can be changed and any excess softy tissues managed as well.

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