Is Chin Reduction Sometimes Undertaken to Help Eliminate Mouth Breathing?

After a lifetime of mouth breathing, I have a long face and chin. I want to eliminate my mouth breathing and have a turbinate reduction planned to open my nasal passages. However, my long chin means I can only close my mouth with substantial effort. I was wondering what kinds of surgical procedures would give me a naturally closed mouth? In particular, is chin reduction (e.g. genioplasty) sometimes indicated? If it is, I would consider it, as it would also have aesthetic benefits in my case.

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Chin Reduction and Mouth Breathing

Your lip incompetence/mouth breathing may get some improvement by a vertical chin reduction which can improve lower lip position. But this would have a minor effect compared to nasal airway surgery. If indicated an intraoral vertical reduction genioplasty with muscle resuspension would be the preferred surgical technique.

Is Chin Reduction Sometimes Undertaken to Help Eliminate Mouth Breathing?

Thank you for your question. You should consult with a facioplastic and/or oral surgeon and explore your options and possible outcomes.  This is not a small procedure and one must be prepared for a lengthy downtime, and expense. I hope this helps.

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