Can I Have Chin Reduction with Previous Placed Titatinum Screws?

I had extensive orthognathic surgery performed on my jaw and cosmetically had a piece of my chin moved forward 15 years ago. I would like to have the length of chin reduced now by about a half or so centimeter. I have attached recent xrays. Is this something a credible would feel comfortable attempting-due to the weakened structure? Would anyone recommend a New York Surgeon in Chin Reduction? Most Surgeon's sites don't even mention this. Thank you!

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Chin Reduction Osteotomy after Previous Geniopalsty

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That should not be a problem at all. The hardward you have in place are short vertical plates so those would be easy to remove to do the osteotomy. The bone is well healed and is not different than if the original genioplasty had ever been done.

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