Will a chin reduction make my chin appear longer afterward?

i've been wanting a chin reduction and it's been difficult to find a doctor. I went to a consultation and he told me he was going to put a plate in my chin and it could be longer afterward... but that's the last thing i want is a longer chin. The main problem is when I smile i have this like excess skin it seems that makes my chin look long so i never take pictures with anyone. Is the only way to fix this is to put something in my chin...? Would it most likely come out longer? thank you

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Chin Reduction Technique Affects Changes That Can Be Done

There are numerous ways to do a chin reduction and how it is done will affect what dimensional changes can be done to the chin. The way you are describing it is an intraoral osteotomy technique which is really only good for shortening a vertically long chin. The submental chin reduction approach, which is the most common technique, can reduce both the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the chin and manage the excess soft tissues that are created all at the same time.

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Chin prominence

it is best to post a photo so one can help you with some information. You can cover the eyes etc so not to worry

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