Do I Need Chin Reduction or Just Chin Liposuction? (photo)

I feel I have a very long face and a long chin making my face look anorexic as my lower part of the face is quite narrow versus the top half. I am not sure what i need in terms of chin reduction or just liposuction. I also plan on getting rhinoplasty at the same time as I have a little hump and a very long sharp nose that points downward. My primary goal is to have the face be more rounded off and broader rather than skinny and long. Would love to get your opinion.

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Choin Osteotomy and Liposuction To Shorten Long Face

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I think you would be a good candidate for a combined vertical bony chin reduction by osteotomy and submental liposuction, both done at the same time. That would really help shorten/round out your face. That potential combined procedure on our face and its benefits could be best illustrated by computer imaging for you to see if that change is a favorable one. When these are put together with a rhinoplasty that will change your downturned nose, your overall face will be more proportional and balanced.

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