Would a Chin Reduction and Rhinoplasty Benefit my Side Profile? (photo)

The picture on the left is me now, and the right is how I would like to look. I feel my chin sticks out loads, and my nose is too big and I hate the bump. I have braces but only for a few rotated teeth and one sticking out at the top so I don't know if my teeth/jaw can be the reason for my chin sticking out so much. The orthodontist said nothing about my jaw. It feels like theirs just a lot of flesh in my chin.

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Benefit of nose job and chin reduction

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Based on your profile photo, you appear to have a full nasal tip and a hump on the dorsum of the nose. These can be improved with rhinoplasty. If you have thick nasal skin, your result may be somewhat limited with rhinoplasty so an in person consultation to evaluate your nose would be important. You also appear to have a protruding chin and I recommend seeing an oralmaxillofacial surgeon to see if any jaw repositioning techniques are an option.

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