Would a chin reduction and/or lipo be suitable for me? (photo)

I feel that I have a very pointy chin, especially when I smile, and have what I feel is some extra tissue/fat surounding my chin area on either side and underneath. What would be the best route to resolve?

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Be careful with chin reduction!

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I understand your concern regarding the "pointy" chin.  It is most noticeable when you smile, suggesting that the muscles in the chin region tend to bunch up the chin area.  One thing you might try first is Botox to see how much weakening of these muscles helps the appearance.  Other options include bone reduction of the chin.  This would help a bit but it's a lot of work to go through for generally limited changes and it sometimes leads to bunching of tissue beneath the chin which most people don't like.   Another option may be to reduce the soft tissue in the chin.  This can be effective but can lead to further problems with dimpling and asymmetries.  Another option would be to hide the pointiness by augmenting to the side of the chin prominence with either injectable fillers or a chin implant that only augments the side of the chin, not the chin itself (e.g. a "Mittleman" implant).  The conservative first step might be some Botox in combination with fillers to get an idea whether you like such an approach prior to diving into more aggressive surgery

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Widening a pointy chin

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A pre-jowl implant can help widen a pointy chin without giving added projection to the chin area. These implants are manufactured by Implantech, and are called Mittleman pre-jowl implants. For more information examples please see the link below

Would a chin reduction and/or lipo be suitable for me?

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                 A chin reduction with some liposuction may be reasonable.  An exam would be helpful.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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