Is It Possible to Have a Chin Reduction Without Altering Bone?

I have a slight cleft chin that looks good when my face is at rest, but projects too far when smiling. Is it possible to sculpt the soft tissue around the chin bone, rather than have the bone sculpted, to slightly change the projection and appearance of the chin? I mean the chin itself - not a 'double chin'. Would liposuction work (is there fat in the chin?) If so, what is this procedure called? What are the risks? Costs?

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Soft tissue reduction of the chin

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It is possible to reduce the soft tissue mound projecting from the chin. It is more difficult to remove fat in that area due to the density of the fat itself. Often a reduction can be performed by pulling down the excess soft tissue below the jaw line using a crease below the chin. I hope this information helps.

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Treating a prominent chin,

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First you must assess the cause of the projection, If it is due to fat, then a technique to target the fat could be beneficial. If it is due to excessive muscle bulk, then Botox could be useful. IF it is due to redundant skin, than a dermolipectomy procedure would be indicated. However, if it is attributable to a prominent bone, than an osseous genioplasty is your best bet. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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