Chin Reduction to Address and Minimize a Cleft Chin?

Will or can a chin reduction (done by removal of the bone) address and minimize a cleft chin? I have a cleft chin, however do not want to use fillers as my chin is already quite large, and I am considering a reduction.

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Chin Reduction

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Clefting of the chin is usually a soft tissue issue not bone. However the chin can have prominences that could contribute to the clefting. An x-ray would need to be performed to determine the cause before planning a procedure.



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Chin reduction probably not solution to cleft chin.

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Clefting of the chin is a soft tissue issue.  The bone of the chin does have prominences but it would be highly unlikely that this would contribute substantially to a cleft the patient considers too deep.  Release of the cleft and the introduction of a volume enhancer (a dermis fat graft) is a more predictable approach and actually increases slightly the volume of the chin.

Chin reduction and other techniques can reduce a cleft chin and chin dimpling

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Chin dimpling is thought to be caused by a lack of soft tissue in the middle of the chin. The soft tissue can be muscle (mentalis), fat, etc. What also contributes is the bony structure. When the bone forms two mounds on each side of the midline, a cleft can appear. Chin reduction surgery is one element of removing the cleft by decreasing the mounds of bone that can be contributing to the cleft. If the soft tissue causes the cleft to persist, the surgeon may need to fill the cleft in with soft tissue brought in from somewhere else. This tissue can come from fat, muscle, etc or even manufactured tissue.

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Chin reduction for a cleft chin.

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Yes, in some instances reduction of the chin prominences on either side of the cleft may minimize or diminish the appearance of a cleft chin. Frequently, a special x-ray study will be ordered to evaluate the anatomy of your bone and facilitate in planning the procedure.

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