Chin Pstosis After Reduction. Can This Be Corrected by Excision & Tightening?

I had chin reduction surgery by burring, the entire chin was degloved, it now sits loosley on the bone, not tight as it previously did. I understand a mentalis muscle resuspension can correct this but that often doesnt work, I also have saggying tissue of the end of my chin, fat and loose skin. I was wondering if a de gloved chin can be corrected by excision and tightening under chin. Or would this not work as the degloved chin is taut so might not tuck under easily. Thanks.

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Chin Ptosis after Chin Reduction


A mentalis tightening may help. However, if you have considerable amount of chin sagging you may need to have a platysma plication and/or a minilift. It all depends on what the skin looks like on the under surface chin.



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