I Am Considering a Chin Implant? (photo)

I have recently read up on chin plants, which is a non surgical procedure. Do you think this would be effective for a pointy chin? I have quite wide cheeks and a small chin when I am not smiling; though when I smile with my teeth my chin is incredibly pointy and out of proportion with the rest of my face and somehow make my face look bigger and the bottom of my face look weak, I am considering the non surgical first to see if I see any difference and to see if I would go for a permanent implant.

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Chin shaping options

I am not exactly sure what "chin plants" are. I assume that you're discussing non-surgical filler treatments versus a surgical chin implant. Both are highly versatile and can be used effectively to reshape a person's chin. I would highly recommend an in-person consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine the best way to proceed. I hope this is helpful

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