My Chin is Still Numb 7 Months after a revision chin implant is This Normal?

I am still numb and it feels so weirs still after 7 months. This was a revision chin implant and it was done via the inside of my mouth which I feel is so horrible compared to the first implant that was done via under my chin. Will this numbness go away? Will this weird feeling go away. I feel like a ventriloquist. It is still swollen as well as a second pocket was made. How long will it take for me to me back to normal and for it to look normal as it still does not.

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Numbness 7 months after revision chin implant revision can be temporary or permanent.

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Sharpie, I answered a similar question from you about facial expression, which is entirely a different situation from numbness, which can be a very unusual feeling that has nothing to do with facial expression. Feeling involves the mental nerves, which can be bruised or injured during a chin implant procedure. Truthfully, this is unusual via either submental (below the chin) or intraoral incision, but I would suggest that since the proper final implant position is BELOW the mental (sensory) nerves, starting with an incision below the chin would be somewhat less likely to damage the nerve than going from inside the mouth, ABOVE the nerve, and trying to successfully work in a pocket below the nerves. This may be particularly true in a revision case where there is scar tissue that obscures detail and may make "finding and preserving" the nerves more difficult.

Swelling should be mostly resolved at 7 months post-op, but what you see as "swelling" may actually be a combination of the unusual "sensation" (or lack thereof), with a larger implant size, true persistent swelling, scar tissue, or even low-grade infection, which is more likely with an intraoral incision as compared to a submental incision.

You need to see your surgeon and perhaps get a second or third opinion as well. This is not the usual recovery arc for even a secondary chin implant patient (with or without secondary rhinoplasty).

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