What can be done to correct my chin deformity to make it look normal? (photos)

I had a resection of the mandible with a fibular free flap. a metal plate put in for support and dental implants. I'm still seeking rehabilitation of my hooked and distended chin that has left me feeling very self conscious

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Physical Exam

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Thank you for your question. I concur with the previous doctor in that you must be seen for a hands on physical exam in order to determine the best possible treatment route. During that discussion I would certainly raise questions about the potential use of fillers so you can become aware of the pros and cons ahead of time, as filler injections may only provide a temporary solution for local asymmetry.

Jaw resection

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You did not tell us what the original diagnosis was. But this is a complicated situation which can only be answered after hands on physical exam and most likely by you only own doctors who treated you. You might ask about injectable fillers to even out some localized asymmetries. But that too would depend on your current diagnostic status.

Andrew Pichler, MD
Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon

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