Is This Chin/mouth Procedure Possible? (photo)

Hello, I was wondering if this procedure was possible? I'm trying to achieve more balance between my features. I have a very long face and wanted to get my chin reduced to get rid of some of the length. When I looked at the before and after pictures of just what the reduced chin would look like, I wasn't happy. My lips were still not proportional between the two. Is there any way to completely move both lips a few centimeters up? Thanks for the help and feedback.

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Vertical Chin Reduction

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You can vertically shorten your chin but you can not change the position of your lips. Vertically shortening the chin will make the lips appear slightly lower on the face not higher.

Chin reduction and lip lift

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From this photo,  your face may need to have a shaving of the bone underneath the chin  to improve the lenghthy look. It would be helpful to see a side profile picture of your chin.  If it needs more projection, an implant could rotate the chin soft tissues upwards to give a shorter look.  The only thing we can do with lips is an upper lip lift with incisions just at the base of the nostrils.   

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