Under Chin Lipo and Implant with Jaw Surgery?

Is it possible to combine Upper/lower jaw surgery for underbite with lipo under the chin and wrap around implant? I have access to an oral surgeon and PS at the same hospital so should it be done be each? or could the oral surgery do it all? Thanks

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Neck Liposuction and chin implant with jaw surgery.

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You obviously have several issues to address. Because of the possible problems with the jaw surgery to correct your underbite, that is all I would do at that particular time. You might, however, talk to the surgeon doing the jaw surgery. It may be possible to do a sliding genioplasty (moving the chin bone forward) with very little extra work, depending on exactly what procedure is contemplated. After this has healed, you can do whatever is needed as a relatively simple procedure quite safely.

Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Under chin lipo and implant with jaw surgery

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Under chin lipo and jaw correction surgery is not a good idea. The chin lipo is a very minor operation that can be done under local anesthesia later after healing for 3 to 6 months.

Just my opinion Dr. B

Combination Surgery

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The combination surgery you are talking about make sense. However that has to be fully discussed with your oral surgeon and plastic surgeon so that both are comfortable with the plan . Have to cosider oral surgery with all the oral bacteria , then the implant(foriegn body) and liposuction geting contaminated.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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