Sliding Genioplasty vs. Jaw Implants for a More Prominent Chin?

In my country(Ireland),I have only been able to find surgeons who offer chin implants. They do not have any experience with either jaw implants or sliding genioplasty. From what you can tell based on my pictures: am I likely to see better results from sliding genioplasty and/or jaw implants? My priority is a more prominent chin. But if it's possible & suits my profile, a more prominent jaw line would be great also. I'm looking for the best result possible. Cost & discomfort are secondary

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Sliding genioplasty vs. chin implant.

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To increase the projection of your chin, either chin implant ( I prefer solid silicone, extended anatomic Flowers mandibular glove implants--no larger than medium for you--placed via a submental incision into a subperiosteal pocket the exact size of the implant so it cannot move, shift, or migrate) or sliding genioplasty (using a power saw to remove the lower part of your mandible, shift it forward the desired amount, and secure the bone with plates and screws after which it heals solidly). Different surgeons might choose one surgical approach over the other; each has pros and cons. Frankly, I believe the solid elastomer implant (or Medpore as another implant option) is a superior option in your case, as it appears you have good teeth occlusion (normal bite) and your degree of microgenia is not severe. Thanks for the photos!

Jaw implants are used along the lower mandibular border to increase the width and prominence of the jawline (an exaggerated example might be a Captain America cartoon--"strong, masculine jawline"); these types of implant have nothing to do with the chin, but can be performed at the same surgery if desired. I personally would consider referral to an oral surgeon experienced in cosmetic jaw surgery, or a plastic surgeon experienced in craniofacial surgery, including the jaw, to discuss jaw implant options. Your lower face does not look excessively narrow, nor your jawline especially deficient. As I do not favor intraoral approaches for placement of alloplastic implants (too high a risk of infection, for which the implants need to be removed), external scars for the placement of jaw implants might tip the balance in favor of just saying "No" to that consideration. But that is something to discuss with your surgeon.

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